Big Bang EP drops 28/04/2014 !

1. Sakura
2. Macross Plus
3. Big Bang
4. Fluffernutter
5. Fluffernutter (813 Remix)

Alexandre - Dead silent VIP

HATE - Pretty Boy Don’t Survive Up North


Deadboy - Return

Forthcoming Numbers

@foleydub is an all-vinyl/acetate DJ from Chicago, who hit us up a few weeks back asking if he could cut dubs and do us a mix. We said yes and this is the (pretty FKOFing awesome) result.

Featuring exclusive new music from the likes of Kman, Dubbacle, Ollie303 and Ashland Sound, cut to acetate for the creation of this mix…

If you’re feeling Mike’s mix, he has a monthly show on starting the first Saturday in May (4-6pm GMT). Lock in!


Track list:

1. Dubbacle - Street Justice Dub [dub]
2. Ollie303 - No Machine [dub]
3. Ashland Sound - Busted Up [dub]
4. Khan Kurra - Chart the Waters (Vendetta Mix) [ forthcoming DubTribu]
5. Ashland Sound - Memory of a Town [dub]
6. Dubbacle - Love Struck Dub [dub]
7. Kman - When the Time Comes [dub]
8. Ollie303 - Ya Understand [dub]
9. Ashland Sound - Hunter Gatherer [dub]
10. Turner - Waterfall [dub]
11. Moskra - Sentry [forthcoming DubTribu Records]
12. Kahn Kurra - Scrolls [forthcoming Infra Tribez]

Anton F - Crimson RP

Forthcoming Terrorhythm

Red Milk - Big action (Rinse rip)

Mental tune I found thanks to Plastician. 

Aden - Work

It’s Machinedrum but you already knew that…

Vindata - All I really need (feat. Kenzie May)

Lush tune…

K Man The Phantom - Propaine